Park and Open Space Planning

Representative Projects

Cascade Canyon and White Hill Open Space Preserves Land Management Plan (Marin County)

LCA prepared a land management plan and EIR for these two adjacent preserves that are owned and managed by the Marin County Open Space District. In addition to assessing the condition of natural resources on the preserves, the plan contains a detailed fire management plan, since the preserves border the Town of Fairfax, which includes hundreds of homes in the wildland/urban interface. The plan also provides considerable detail on current and future trail use because of the significant controversy over bicycle use. (The preserves include Repack Road, considered the birthplace of mountain biking.) PDF here.

Lafferty Ranch Park (Sonoma County)

LCA prepared a Constraints and Opportunities Report for the potential development of a regional park on a 280-acre parcel on the west slope of Sonoma Mountain. Subsequently a Draft Management Plan and an EIR on that Draft Plan were prepared. This park was an extremely controversial project as a number of the neighboring landowners were opposed to public access to the area. The City hired us with the understanding that legal challenges to the project were likely. As such, we prepared detailed analyses of golden eagle use of the site, other Special Status animals and plants, geologic hazards, water quality impacts, traffic safety, the potential for crimes, fire hazard, and aesthetics. Our plan included development of cost estimates for trail construction and other infrastructure improvements.

Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Management Plan (Marin County)

LCA prepared a comprehensive Master Plan for managing a 1,500-acre open space preserve jointly owned by the City of San Rafael and the Marin County Open Space District. The plan investigated all areas of management and the impacts resulting from several management options. Particular attention was given to fire management (including a Fire Management Plan), grazing (including a Grazing Management Plan), slope stability, and public access and use. A full cost analysis was prepared for all Plan recommendations.

Polo Grounds Regional Park (Santa Cruz County)

The County of Santa Cruz retained LCA to prepare an EIR on a proposed regional park in the Aptos area. Detailed analyses of site biotic impacts, drainage, and slope stability were conducted. Particular attention was paid to park impacts on the surrounding neighborhood, including traffic, noise, and visual quality. A full assessment of alternatives was provided.

Sonoma Mountain Regional Park Screening (Sonoma County)

LCA surveyed all properties in the Sonoma Mountain area west of the City of Petaluma to identify potential regional park sites. Each site was assessed and ranked according to its suitability as a future regional park.