Public Infrastructure

Leonard Charles and Associates performs CEQA studies of public service and infrastructure projects including assessments of schools, prisons, roads, water tanks and pipelines, and all types of wastewater facilities.

We are very conversant in engineering design concepts for water and wastewater facilities. On large infrastructure projects we partner with engineering firms who prepare the design while we prepare the environmental baseline and the EIR.

LCA also prepares Program EIRs on public service and infrastructure plans such as Regional Transportation Plans and wastewater ordinances. We are familiar with the issues that need to be addressed in these planning documents. We often completely manage the CEQA notification and compliance process for small agencies that have no or little experience in CEQA compliance.

Over the years, LCA has worked on a broad range of public infrastructure projects from construction of major new facilities to assessing relatively small projects for many small special districts. Our experience allows us to quickly prepare assessments of projects such as pipelines and tanks in a cost-effective manner.