Community and Land Use Planning

Representative Projects

City of Fort Bragg General Plan (Mendocino County)

Fort Bragg's Draft General Plan update included a new Local Coastal Element. Preparing the plan required attendance at numerous workshops, meetings, and hearings. We then prepared the Program EIR for the draft plan. The EIR was certified and the plan adopted. Both the plan and the EIR focused particularly on land use issues, including future uses of the coastal zone, traffic and circulation, provision of public services, and protection of natural and visual resources.

Ukiah Valley Area Plan (Mendocino County)

LCA completed a Draft EIR on this plan in 2006. The EIR described the amount of growth the plan would allow, which ignited a storm of opposition. As a result, the County decided to revisit the plan prior to EIR certification. We are currently rewriting the EIR to address the new plan that was developed. The EIR addresses all areas of impacts at a level that is more detailed than is typically found in general plan EIRs.

City of Lafayette General Plan (Contra Costa County

The EIR on the new General Plan for the City of Lafayette included an assessment of growth potential and the effects of projected growth. LCA originally prepared an Existing Conditions report, which was used by other consultants to prepare the Draft General Plan. The EIR focused on development of vacant hillside lands around the edges of the City as well as redevelopment of the City's central business area. Because the City revised its Draft General Plan three times over ten years, LCA prepared three separate EIRs.

City of Novato General Plan (Marin County)

Due to numerous controversial projects, the City of Novato was quite concerned that its General Plan would be challenged by certain parties based on the adequacy of the EIR. LCA prepared a full, detailed EIR that assessed cumulative impacts that would result from buildout of the City and its Sphere of Influence.

Southwest Dixon Specific Plan (Solano County)

LCA prepared an EIR on a specific plan that would allow 1,200 new homes, major commercial development, and a large employment center on 500 acres on the southwest edge of the City of Dixon. The EIR was both a Program EIR on buildout of the plan area and a project-specific EIR for five development proposals within the plan area. The EIR assessed all areas of impact with particular attention on circulation and public services.

Lovers Lane Specific Plan (Mendocino County)

The Lovers Lane plan was the largest residential project ever proposed in Mendocino County. LCA prepared an Environmental Constraints Analysis for a 250-acre area located north of Ukiah. Based on this ECA, a Specific Plan for 1,000-1,360 residences was developed. LCA then prepared a full EIR on that Specific Plan. The EIR included detailed analyses of geologic hazards, drainage, air quality, public service improvements, housing, agricultural impacts, noise, and visual quality.